Jones Library For Everyone

We support the proposed renovation and expansion of the Jones Library to restore its historic role as a center for the cultural and civic life that make Amherst unique.

What We Stand For

The Jones Library is one of Amherst’s iconic institutions. When it was built in 1928, it was known not just for its distinctive architecture, but also for its role as a cultural center for the entire Pioneer Valley.

Who We Are

Jones Library for Everyone is a group of citizens of Amherst, MA and surrounding towns who have come together to build support for the renovation and expansion of the Jones Library in Amherst, MA. Our goal is to restore the historic pre-eminence of the Library as a center attracting all of its citizens to the cultural and civic life that make Amherst unique.

Statements of Support

Statement of Support: ESL Students

We are students at the Jones Library ESL Center. We come to the library frequently to practice English and attend events. Many of us meet with one-to-one tutors here. We enjoy reading materials here, we study here, we meet friends here, and we bring our children to explore the resources here. Although it is crowded […]

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Statement of Support: Amherst Regional Public School Librarians

To Whom It May Concern: As the five school librarians for the Amherst Public Schools and Amherst Regional Public Schools, we are writing in support of the proposed renovation and expansion of the Jones Library. We know that libraries have a significant and measurable impact on student learning and achievement. Since the public libraries offer […]

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Statement of Support: Amherst’s Institutional Librarians

We are pleased to voice our enthusiastic support for the Jones Library’s renovation/expansion project. The Jones Library is a vital complement to our institutions, not a redundant competitor.  As professional librarians, we are especially aware of the critical importance of libraries that serve all of the residents of a town – e.g., children, teens, those […]

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Statement of Support: The Literacy Project

The Literacy Project supports the Trustees and staff of the Jones Library in their efforts to renovate and expand, to make the library services more inclusive and accessible. We are pleased and proud to be included as a partner in the Jones Library renovation plans. The Literacy Project shares a mission with the Jones of […]

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Statement of Support: The Amherst Historical Society and Museum

The Amherst Historical Society and Museum supports the expansion and renovation plans of the Jones Library. The two organizations are neighbors on Amity Street and our buildings, although not related institutionally, share space that enhances both structures and the experience of visitors to Amherst. Of greater importance, however, is the outcome of lengthy discussions in […]

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Statement of Support: Burnett Gallery Committee

The Burnett Gallery provides a community space to display the work of artists and craftspeople from Amherst and nearby towns. Exhibits have shown abstract and representational art, as well as work with strong topical interests. Individual and group shows include works of high quality but without the reputation or resources that would enable them to […]

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Statement of Support: Friends of the Jones Libraries

The central purpose of the Friends of the Jones Library System is to sustain the Jones, Munson and North Amherst Libraries, to focus attention on library services and needs, to stimulate library use, and to strengthen library resources and services. In the words of Lewis Mainzer, we recognize that “libraries don’t stand still.” As library […]

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What Is The Proposal?

A Feasibility Committee of the Library has led a two-year effort to inventory, in complete detail, all of the functions needed by a 21st century Jones Library, complete with estimates of the spaces required for such a program. The Boston architectural firm, Finegold Alexander Architects—with a number of successful library renovation/expansion projects to its credit—has worked with a Design Subcommittee to prepare, modify, and adjust a set of schematics that will accomplish those functions. These schematics outline the general parameters of the project for the grant application to the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners; they do not address finishes, “look and feel”, and other details of appearance that must await a determination on that grant application.

How Much Will It Cost?

The exact cost of the project is not yet ascertainable, but, by taking advantage of other funding sources, the most important of which is only temporarily available, this is an unusual opportunity for Amherst to build a far better facility than tax funding might otherwise afford.