Statement of Support: Burnett Gallery Committee

The Burnett Gallery provides a community space to display the work of artists and craftspeople from Amherst and nearby towns. Exhibits have shown abstract and representational art, as well as work with strong topical interests. Individual and group shows include works of high quality but without the reputation or resources that would enable them to exhibit at museums or commercial galleries

The Burnett Gallery Committee supports the Trustees and staff in their efforts to renovate and expand the Jones Library to meet the needs of future library patrons. Adding program space and renovation of existing areas will enable the Jones Library to offer exciting programs and opportunities to the residents of Amherst. Replacing building infrastructure, including the elevator and HVAC, will improve access for all patrons and assure the preservation of the collection and the comfort and safety of the patrons.

It is exciting to support a renovation/expansion that is both respectful of the history of the Jones Library building and carefully planned to meet the needs of future patrons.