Statement of Support: Amherst’s Institutional Librarians

We are pleased to voice our enthusiastic support for the Jones Library’s renovation/expansion project.

The Jones Library is a vital complement to our institutions, not a redundant competitor.  As professional librarians, we are especially aware of the critical importance of libraries that serve all of the residents of a town – e.g., children, teens, those without computers, learners of English, those interested in local history, and the casual as well as the serious reader.

The Jones Library is a fundamental piece of the infrastructure that maintains the robust intellectual, cultural, and civic life for which this Town is known.  It should be a pre-eminent example of its kind.  But the Jones is currently at capacity, and unable to fulfill its mission to serve everyone.  The vigorous pursuit of the Jones’ programs should be of high importance to us, and it needs a facility that will allow it to achieve that standard.

Bryn Geffert
Librarian of the College
Frost Library
Amherst College

Jennifer Gunter King
Harold F. Johnson Library
Hampshire College

Simon Neame
Dean of Libraries
University of Massachusetts – Amherst