Who We Are

Jones Library for Everyone is a group of citizens of Amherst, MA and surrounding towns who have come together to build support for the renovation and expansion of the Jones Library in Amherst, MA. Our goal is to restore the historic pre-eminence of the Library as a center attracting all of its citizens to the cultural and civic life that make Amherst unique.

Steering Committee

Honorary Co-Chairs

George Goodwin
Norton Juster
Julius Lester
Polly Longsworth


Matt Blumenfeld, Lisa Cain, Lee Edwards, Kelly Erwin, Kent W. Faerber, Kathy Lanza, Alex Lefebvre, Richard Morse, Janet Pozar, Bill Stapleton, Mary Strunk, Bonnie Vigeland, Bill Wehrli, Christina Wehrli

Additional volunteers are welcome; please contact Kent W. Faerber, kwfaerber@comcast.net.

Community Supporters

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